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Academic Year

  • Shirts must be polo-style top, tucked in all the way around or LCYAA official t-shirt (belts not required)

  • Students must wear khaki or navy uniform pants. Students may also wear blue jeans. Pants must be worn at the waist and must not be frayed, torn, cut, or have chains, holes, or multiple zippers. Leggings, athletic-style (warm-up/track pants, yoga pants, tear-away pants) are not to be worn

  • Khaki or navy uniform shorts may be worn, and must be no shorter than the middle of the knee. Shorts may not be ripped or torn, whether purchased or altered to appear as such.

  • All shoes must have a back or back strap. Straps and laces must be properly fastened. No flip-flops

  • Pierced jewelry may be worn in the ears only


  • Jackets must be "LYCAA" school uniform apparel only. Jackets can be purchased in the front office. 


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